Managing Winemakers' Risk

Tailored Loss Control

Our unique approach to loss control is built around deep expertise in the business of wine making. Our WineRe® program provides risk management and claims features you won't find in any other winery program:

  • Stop Loss Limit - Unique in the industry, the WineRe approach to property insurance is intended to allow for numerous property coverages to be triggered with the use of a single property deductible.

  • Claims Management - WineRe’s ability to proactively manage claims has resulted in historical client retention of + 97%. And when a claim does arise, your claim is managed in-house by our dedicated team.

  • Loss Control - With over 28 years in the wine industry, we understand our clients’ operations. WineRe's industry-unique approach to Loss Control allows for a systematic integration of NFPA protocols, with specific consideration of the nuances and exposures innate to winemaking, while simultaneously validating program participation.

  • Proprietary Valuations - We use a propietary method evaluation and collaborate with industry experts to ensure that caims are handled in an efficient and timely manner.

Navigating Real Risk

WineRe’s collaborative, industry-unique services and expertise allow WineRe to develop innovative, individualized insurance programs.

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